Not Just for Special Occasions

We know all the special uses of events for hiring a limo service. Graduations, bachelor/bachelor parties, weddings and even funerals would not be the same without beautiful cars and a professional driver.

But what about everyday life?

People rarely consider how to add a professional car service to their lives can be a fantastic investment.

It Provides Easy Corporate Planning

Need to get to a business meeting across town on time? Or maybe you would like to send a limo to pick up a VIP client. Whatever the circumstance may be, you will create a lasting impression of efficiency and professionalism that your customers will not soon forget.

Nights Without Stress

We all know how stressful it is to try to find time away from children for a simple night’s sleep, and when you add traffic and try to find parking yourself in that mix, it can be hard to find time to go out.

Use an evening limo service, even if you only have dinner and then the movies, you can add excitement to your routine and make a night out really special. Your driver will pick you up at the times and places you designate, so you go and have fun!

Airport/Ferry Transfers

Need to catch a flight? We can get you there, not only on time, but you’ll also arrive in style. Arbutus Limo offers a reliable and affordable way to get you where you need to be, charging a flat rate fee for all type of travel transfers.

Adding the excitement and glamour of a car service can help everyone feel special and important. When you try to make the world a little brighter, consider hiring a limousine or car service and how it can improve not only on your special occasions but also in your daily lives.

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