Looking for the Perfect Gift?

Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation or just a night out, Arbutus Limo now offers gift certificates!

Booking a limo can make even the smallest event or occasion very special.

The possibilities are endless as the recipient has the luxury and fun of choosing a vehicle from our diverse fleet. Once a vehicle is booked, our professional chauffeurs are ready to take the wheels and let the lucky recipients sit back to enjoy the service and experience.

An Arbutus Limo gift certificate can be used with any of our services – or if you want to get creative, plan a surprise itinerary for them!

Our limo will provide a safe and comfortable ride for your party to the location of your choosing.

They can be purchased anytime of the year and in $50 increments** by emailing info@arbutuslimo.com

**Please note Arbutus limo has a 3-hour minimum charge when booking for an event.

Gift Certificate Policy:

  • Redeemable at Arbutus Limo only.
  • If exceeding the value on this certificate balance can be paid in cash or credit card.
  • Treat this certificate as cash if it is lost, it will not be replaced.No Cash value.  No expiry date.
  • The certificate is to be presentedat time of booking.   This certificate is property of the issuer and is non- transferable.
  • Please note only one gift card can be used for one way or return booking. Multiple gift card cannot be combined.

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