Summer Wedding?

So, you’ve planned your summer wedding, and everything is coming together for that special day. You’ve picked the perfect time of year when the air is warm, and the days are extra-long. Why not top it off with a ride in a limo to your destination.

Allow your family and friends to wish you well as you drive away in your luxury limousine. They are also a great form of transportation for the bridal party between locations and if you have a long drive from the ceremony to the reception as a limousine will give you plenty of space to relax while you are on your way.

Everyone has their own vision for celebrating the big day. Couples should understand the importance of wedding transportation that will add glamor to the celebrations as well as offer privacy and an incredibly stylish ride.

These times only come around every so often so why not make it extra special?

Our goal is to provide the precise service you are looking for. Arbutus Limousine is happy to answer any questions you may have, we are also proud to offer our customers our services with no hidden fees or fuel surcharges. So, call or email us today for more information and to book one of our elegant limos!

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